Chicken Pox and Oatmeal Baths


Rolled Oats

Once upon a time a mother of two young children became distraught when she discovered her children had been exposed to the ever-dreaded “Chicken Pox!”

This mother, in her moment of despair, hurried to the store to inquire of those who are more wise and more experienced than herself, as to what she can do for her children.

Nothing more than comfort could be provided in this situation. Well, that and calamine lotion and oatmeal baths.

Those were the best couple of days! We played games, watched movies, danced and sang. Aside from those poor babies itching…chicken pox was an opportunity for some real quality time. However, calamine lotion is a must but the oatmeal bath packets sold from a very well-known manufacturer were a complete fiscal disaster! What did I learn? Those silly little packets are reproduced at home with very little effort. I put some oatmeal in the blender and added it to the bath water. It was far less expensive to do it myself and just as effective. The ¬†children tell me the oatmeal baths were part of the fun. They got to whirl the blender and pour the oatmeal. Economical for me and fun for the little ones, who could ask for more from chicken pox?